Your English Tuition Study Options

Whatever level of English you are studying, my hope as a tutor is to help you gain confidence in the areas you find challenging, and to build on the strengths you already have. Whichever grade you are averaging, there is always room for improvement, and a time of regular focus on particular areas will hopefully equip you with the skills to achieve even more!


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Lower Secondary Level

Just started secondary and finding English a puzzle? We can work through different aspects from creative writing, personal projects, spelling, grammar, tackling essays and reports as well as public speaking: whatever you need to focus on before the step up to National Qualifications in English. Reading together is also really helpful for expanding vocabulary and getting used to critical analysis, so I have several books to choose from for us to work through. Click here for a few suggestions of books for 11-14 age bracket which my students have been enjoying.

National 4 and National 5

Whether you are studying at National 4 or 5, we can work on study timetables and exam techniques as you approach your first set of SQA examinations. We will look at READING – analysis of texts you are studying in class, as well as books which we can read together to help broaden your vocabulary and understanding of critical analysis for essays. If close reading is a struggle, we will work on RUAE (Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaulation) and try passages with the different types of questions that you will face in your English exam.

Your FOLIO is worth 30% of your overall English grade, so this is a chance to present your very best WRITING (creative, reflective and discursive). Together we’ll work on all aspects of the English course: your first set of exams need not be feared!


Finding your feet in Higher English can be a little scary after National 5 level. Don’t panic! We can focus on the areas you are finding most challenging, whether that is CLOSE READING or CRITICAL ESSAY WRITING… or a bit of both! Regular analysis of your texts will help to consolidate what you are learning, and practice of past papers will help prepare you for the final English exam itself. If you are having problems with spelling, grammar, constructing essays, or just English in general, we can work out what areas to concentrate on and take it from there.

Advanced Higher/College Level

If you have made it this far, you may already share my enthusiasm for the subject! I can offer tuition to help you consolidate your texts, plan your dissertation or project, and talk through your texts. Having studied in the University of Glasgow for four years, I have experience in preparation for tutorials, individual or group presentations and revising lectures. Whether you need a proof-reader or a second head to bounce ideas off, it can sometimes just help to have a fresh perspective! Get in touch for more information.