English Tuition During Coronavirus

English tuition during the Coronavirus outbreak

Following the announcement from SQA that exams will not be taking place in May and June this year of 2020 I have made some amendments to the existing students lessons, in addition to increasing capacity to support new students who may now like to ensure additional support with their English studies.

As so much has rapidly changed over the last few days, my focus is now on ensuring that some normality and continuity can be provided for students. I will continue tutoring in a series of 6-week blocks, starting from next week (Monday 23rd March), in order to provide continued support throughout the interim period while schools are closed and during the summer holidays.

The focus of learning is now on coursework (as some work is still to be submitted) and lessons will be adapted as necessary for each individual student.

I will be continuing to use a range of options with Google docs, and video calls when possible (using Skype/Zoom etc) to make sure we can keep up skills in essay writing, close reading and textual analysis. We have already adapted to this way of working this week, and students seem to be engaging really well. While schools are closed, my aim is to provide a structure and focus away from Netflix or other potential distractions! Where needed priority will be given to S3/S4/S5 pupils who are due to begin their National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher.

Current students of Highland Tutor, will be my priority for booking a place. If you are currently receiving lessons, these will continue as normal (online) for the initial 6-week block through to the 01st May. I recognise that this is a difficult time for many students and I will do what I can to offer additional capacity for new students, please get in touch to enquire about options.

These are strange and unprecedented times. However, there is still opportunity to gain new skills in English and build on existing ones, which will serve each student well in future coursework and exams.

In the meantime, I’d encourage you to look out your favourite books for the weeks ahead!

Questions you may have

We’re no longer sitting an exam - what else can we do?

While exams may be cancelled this year, we can make sure we can keep up your skills in essay planning and writing, close reading and textual analysis.

We will look at texts you are studying in class, as well as new books, plays and poems which we can read together to help broaden your vocabulary and understanding of critical analysis for essays. 

We will also work on RUAE (Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation) and try passages with the different types of questions – from technical analysis and practising rephrasing in your own words.

This is also a good time to begin working on ideas for your future folio, which is worth 30% of your overall English grade; it is a chance to present your very best writing in creative, reflective and discursive.

What are block lessons?

A lot can be done in 6 weeks! A 6-week block of lessons will cover all aspects of the English course, allowing us time to identify areas where you may be struggling. We can also cover a new book or set of poems to try out some analysis, get familiar close reading techniques and begin to plan and write for future English folios.

Are there any differences with online tutoring?

Working together for an hour online can be an extremely effective option while health restrictions are in place.  Using your usual time slot, both of us will log on to a particular Google doc (which I will share) which will contain our lesson plan. We can work through different tasks onscreen (Google docs allows you to view the other person typing in real-time) or via the comments on the side of the doc. We may also be able to use Skype and/or Zoom to allow for video also.
My Skype ID is ‘Fiona Mackay – Highland Tutor’ which you can search for in the app.

When will the academic year finish for tutoring?

Due to these unusual circumstances, I am no longer following a term timetable and will instead continue tutoring in 6-week blocks, as detailed above. This will take us into the summer and by then we should have a better idea about what the new school session may look like.

We’re not currently receiving tutoring, is this something that you will now be able to help with?

Without the limits of school timetables, I am now able to offer extra sessions and would be happy to here from you with any tuition enquiries. Click here to get in touch.

What other resources are available online?

There are a number of online resources to supplement your learning over the next few months, to make sure all aspects of the English course are covered. They will also have input from the Highland Digital School Hub which has been set up to support all students while schools are closed.